Re: ARRL and QSLs

Beischel <wb8nut@...>

Well over two weeks ago I sent $25 to eQSL to fund the "postage"
account since they claimed the ARRL would accept these cards. The
money was transferred with Paypal. After more than two weeks,
several e-mails, they said they would credit my "postage" account -
that was six days ago - still the account shows a $0 balance and it
is useless anyway since the cards are not acceptable for the award.
I have now sent a complaint to Paypal and if they money does not come
back to me as I have requested of eQSL, I will file a complaint with
the state AG.

People can say what they want about the ARRL, but at least the ARRL
has never ripped me off, have quickly responded to any request, and I
just as soon wait for the ARRL to implement a system then to have to
put up with a half ass operation that can't properly handle funds
that claims to do things they cannot.


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