DL, EA, YO, JA, etc


Hi All,
Many of you are wondering about N3DQU's "connections?" to the prop gods. If
you've never been to his QTH, you don't know about the 4" crystal ball he
keeps hidden behind his rig. I first saw it when I happened by for an
unexpected visit. He didn't know it but I saw him through his window,
peering into it as if in a trance. Had he worn a hood, I would have thought
I was watching Merlin the magician in action.

I watched as he ran his fingers around the orb. I could see letters floating
around inside in what appeared to be clouds. They seemed to follow his every
move. The letters DL kept floating to the top, over and over again. When I
asked him about it, he said it was just a tool for checking propagation. He
shook it up and handed it to me. It looked like an ordinary glass ball with
snow falling on a winter scene. The only thing unusual was the house inside
had a tower with a tribander on top. Two days later he came out with the DL
endorsement. Maybe it was just a coincidence, and maybe it was just a dream.
Either way, I'll never forget what I saw that day, through that window, when
he didn't know I was there. I'll bet he takes a good long look into it every
time he thinks up a new endorsement. I'll also bet he closes the curtain now

Well, what about it Jay? Any explanation?

de AA8QQ - Jay

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