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I'm asking this question very seriously and in no way do I mean for it to be
rude or degrading to anyone or anything, but what is so special about the
ARRL's DXCC award ?
In the past, it was quite an achievement (especially for
North American hams) to contact 100 countries and it was
the first major milestone in their DX "career" which
led into the Honor Roll.

Of course this is no longer the case, as good operators with
medium class stations get more than 100 countries in a
contest weekend. I did 52 countries and 6 continents in
BARTG RTTY Sprint last January and I run only 100 W on
a vertical.

Is it because that you have to wait a year or more to get conformation of
some of your contacts, or is it because it is so hard to get people to send
a QSL at all, or what is it ??
Getting the cards is the major difficulty nowdays. US hams
are lucky as they receive many QSL cards via the bureau because
their contacts count for the prestigious "Worked All States"
(WAS) and Counties awards. In SV-land, we get very few
replies via bureau.

I have not applied for DXCC, because I am worried that
I might loose my cards (collected direct at high cost)
in the mail. I hope some day ARRL shall agree to accept
a list of QSL cards endorsed by the national society of
the applicant.

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