Re: ARRL and QSLs

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

I'm asking this question very seriously and in no way do I mean for it to be
rude or degrading to anyone or anything, but what is so special about the
ARRL's DXCC award ?
Is it because that you have to wait a year or more to get conformation of
some of your contacts, or is it because it is so hard to get people to send
a QSL at all, or what is it ??
I'm also having a little trouble figuring out how a card with all the
information printed, using a home computer, and sent via the Post Office, be
any more "legitimate" than a verified e-QSL, unless they are thinking that
somehow the postmark would help legitimize it, and if the card had been sent
in an envelope there wouldn't be a postmark on it.
eQSL requires that you send either a scan of your Ham license e-mailed to
them or a copy mailed to them, before you are eligible for any of their
awards, and only cards that have been verified in this manner will be
credited to your award standings. Am I right in thinking that the ARRL does
not require any sort of verification of any kind, other than the card was
sent through the mail?

It's sure got this old misplaced hillbilly puzzled.

73, Bernie / KF4FHS
Yelm, WA

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