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de Jungle Telegraph
The ARRL statement re acceptable QSL methods, is 'gobble-de-gook'! This ARRL committee,
DXCC, will accept cards from applicants, that they have received from ZL3JT, only
if those cards are posted in the mail system. The ARRL has never checked on my 'authenticity'
to my knowledge, or, in fact anybody else, unless they 'operate' from a rare entity!

If a station is 'suspect' when one submits a card for credit, the 'suspect' station
or operator is required to submit copies of licenses, travel documents etc.
My card at should be acceptable, because I have Authenticity Guaranteed at! In other words has seen a copy of my genuine Amateur Radio License...
The ARRL hasn't!
If ARRL cared about their own membership, they will organise access to the Log Data
Base at!
Irrespective of any method of confirmation of qsos, there will be those that 'cheat'
what? If they do, who cares? The Cheats are only cheating themselves in order to
raise their position on the 'EGO' list...
Then, of course, I haven't considered the multi-million dollar card printing business,
have I?
73s Duncan

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