Re: What is the YO prefixs?

Steve W3HF

SV9,c31,TF,CU,3A,1A0,ZA,ER,HB0,SY has anybody ever heard these
countries on the air before on psk31 any band?
I have C31BO on 10 and 20; TF3VS on 20; ER1DX, ER2NB, and
ER3KS on 20; CU2AT and CU3FV on 20 and CU3BL on 10; and
HB0/DL1RWB on 20.

I have seen (but not worked) 3A2MW. Never have seen a SV9, 1A0
or ZA on PSK.

But SY is also Greece, same as SV. Did you mean something else?


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