Re: What is the YO prefixs?

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

I think you're right, Steve. You guys sure do pick on us poor ole
Westcoasters. Next time ship them diodes down South.
Man, it was just like somebody flipped a switch, when Jay announced that
YO's would be good for an endorsment. I've seen several people workin YO's
but I can only see the one side of the QSO. I wonder if they're really
talking to them or just acting like it to make me feel bad ?
73, Bernie

Bernie -

Looks like you got the shipment of Romanian diodes that was
supposed to go to Steve 'YIH. The German ones worked last year,
but he blew through the JAs in January faster than we could get the
Japanese ones installed.

Maybe this means he'll have a shot at this one, since the diodes
ended up in WA instead of ID.


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