Re: What is the YO prefixs?

Steve W3HF

I think you guys are pullin my leg.

I believe that as of 19 Jan. all callsigns starting with a "Y" were
cancelled, and I'm beginning to wonder now if Romania is still a

If I could get one of them fellers who used to have one of them "Y"
to e-mail me, could I count that as a contact :-)

Still way up here in the Northwest, wondering "Y" can't I see one,

73, Bernie / KF4FHS
Yelm, WA
Bernie -

Looks like you got the shipment of Romanian diodes that was
supposed to go to Steve 'YIH. The German ones worked last year,
but he blew through the JAs in January faster than we could get the
Japanese ones installed.

Maybe this means he'll have a shot at this one, since the diodes
ended up in WA instead of ID.


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