Re: What is the YO prefixs?

Steve W3HF

I thought Romania only had one prefix I know they are at least 5 or
6 call areas but not a prefix this is a prefix kf ,kg ,wb call areas
are number indentifier like 1,2,3 or kg5 or kg6

Romania actually covers YOA-YRZ, even though typically we only
see YO.

But in the prefix-counting sense, the call district is included in the
prefix. (See, for example, the rules for the CQ WPX series, or the
PODXS DPX awards, for a detailed description.)

So include the number. I've worked YO2, YO3, YO4, YO5, YO6,
YO8, and YO9, but unfortunately only two of them since 19 Jan
2002. :-(


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