John van Eijndt KC0DEB

I have about 5500 Q's in LoTW, that resulted in about 1100 matches.....For a relative new system ,it's not bad.... I have about 84 DXCC , and 49 States "confirmed"....still looking for a North Dakota station to upload their log to LoTW. This system makes it a lot easier, and is faster than the old fashioned way of card checking etc., to apply for the Awards ...
73 de John KC0DEB


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I have 5602 QSOs logged on LoTW with 2105 confirmed as electronic QSLs. This is about a 37% return rate. Most of the QSOs are digital contest QSOs which probably have a higher rate of return since digital operators and contestors are also computer operators. The international return rate is much lower. While I have only a small number of CW and SSB QSOs for comparison, my return rate for these categories seems to be lower. Use of LoTW should increase now that WAS will soon be available. I have 46 states confirmed on LoTW missing AK, ME, ND, and DE. I have the 4 missing states on paper QSL cards and will be applying for WAS after February.

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