Product review: N0OKS Freeware Database


I got an email a couple days ago from 070 Club member Mark Kachel N0OKS.
Seems he has put the US and Canadian license databases into a freeware
program and he invited me to try it out, so try it out I did. Btw this isn't
an endorsement for his freeware, just wanted to let the group know about it
and what my experiences were. The file is kind of long at 28 mb zipped, so be
prepared to go do something else for awhile while it downloads hi! And once
you get the file downloaded, you're gonna need some way to get that big file
moved if the ultimate destination is another computer. Lucky for me I had a
zip drive on both the webbed-up machine and the shack computer, so
transferring the download to the shack computer was no problem. Once I got it
on the shack computer, I unzipped the download, read the instructions in the
readme file and did the install which took less than 5 minutes. The database
needs about 135 mb of disk to run. It is your basic no-frills database,
giving callsign, license class and mailing address information only. But if
you are someone who likes to have a database handy but doesn't want to tie up
the cd drive or spend the money for a commercial version, it does the job fb.
Mark really did a nice job on the instructions, and installation was a snap.
For more info on Mark's effort check it out at < >
....73 de Jay N3DQU.

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