Re: V51AS


I've worked Frank many times. He is a good QSLer. I sent him a greenstamp
to his address in Namibia, (I think it's on QRZ) and I have his card on the

I had some reservations at first about sending money into the African postal
systems, but with a little common sense, (and a few tips from other hams) it
arrived safely on Franks end.

One tip for direct QSL's to/thru third world countries. Never put anything
on the outside of the envelope that might suggest it is to/from a ham radio
station. This is a BIG RED FLAG that says "Hey, I got money in me! Open me
first." The op on the other end will know what it's about just by your
return address. Another tip I picked up along the way. I always make sure
my green stamp is flat, not folded, and will enclose it inside a folded piece
of paper (like a letter). If I really feel insecure about it, I tape the
ends of the "letter" together. The idea is to keep any nosey handler from
looking into the hole in the end of the flap and manipulating the contents to
see what's inside.

Sound like a conspiracy theorist?

73 GL,
Jay - AA8QQ

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