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To pay or not to pay, that is the question...
I have worked 3 stations in V5, Namibia on PSK31 in the last year or so. I have V51AS
Frank's card for CW QSOs on a couple of bands. I sent one green stamp to cover the
postage cost for Frank, and received the plain cards within a month or two. (Frank
asks for considerably more for a color picture post card...?)
I have also worked Gerd, V51GB and Gerd requests direct QSL only...He says he's not
a member of the bureau...

Jack, V51KC does QSL via the bureau, but it takes time...

You must ask yourself if you really need the card? Are you willing to wait to work
Jack, then QSL via the bureau?
070 Awards don't require QSL cards, so what do you need it in a hurry for?

I will finish by stating that back in the early days of Amateur Radio a system was
devised to reduce the cost of QSLing to 'confirm' contacts. Many people do not see
fit to join their local association to take part in this very good service.
Then there's always eqsl.cc...
73s Duncan

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