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Zoltan Bordas <borzol@...>

This is happening to me also almost like your case, Erika... I was full of EA stations last year even when I called DX... and very few found this year, HI.
Returning to the YO endorsement, I try to be on frequency almost every day at least 1...2 hours (as my job permits). I didn't like the ATA contest last year when no one TA station was there (well, maybe there was, but I didn't see them...). This morning I worked YO4UQ on 20m, last night on 80m found YO8 and others also.
Hope all interested stations will find 5 YO px's sooner or later... I make the proganda to activate as much as I can...
73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ

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Hi Jay,
How do you manage this - the day you announce
a new special endorsement the special stations
disappear completely. Haven't seen any YO since the
release of the YO-endorsement.
73's Erika/DL2AYL

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