Re: PW0T (Dxpedition operating)

ve3iay <ve3iay@...>

Hi Jay,

Before you blame PW0T for responding to calls on their own frequency,
consider the possibility that the station responding to the caller on
PW0T's frequency might not have been PW0T. This is something I have
observed often in CW, but it occurs in digital modes too:

DXpedition sending: CQ DE DX0DX UP 3

XX0LID comes back on the same frequency: DX0DX DE XX0LID XX0LID

"Frequency cop": UP UP UP

XX0LID doesn't go away. A QSO or two later, here's what happens:

DXpedition sends: CQ de DX0DX UP 3

LID comes back yet again: DX0DX DE XX0LID XX0LID


LID: TU 599 599 DE XX0LID

and meanwhile the DXpedition carries on, perhaps even completely
unaware of the goings-on on their transmit frequency. XX0LID won't
ever get a QSL, since he's not in the DXpedition's log, but for the
moment he goes away happy and gets off the frequency.

Apart from ethical and legal considerations, the downside to the
frequency cop's tactic is that by responding on frequency, he is
encouraging the very behaviour that upsets him.

It's sometimes easy to diagnose this by ear in CW when the DXpedition
and the frequency cop are on slightly different frequencies or have
different-strength signals, but XX0LID is already demonstrably unable
to follow instructions, so maybe he will also be unable to figure out
what is going on and will fall for it anyway. In digital modes, you
may need to look very carefully at the signals in your waterfall
display to figure out what is going on.

While I'm at on the soapbox: believe it or not, a lot of callers
appear to call without even being able to copy the DX. At least, they
keep on calling right through a QSO the DX station is completing;
they respond even when the DX makes it clear he is trying to contact
someone else (DX sends 4AA? 4AA? BK and XX0LID calls him despite the
total lack of similarity between the two call signs); they ignore
other instructions (UP 3, or EU ONLY); and even after the DX clearly
works them, they keep on calling, apparently totally unaware that the
DX already has worked them. If you can't copy the DX, how can you
possibly complete a QSO? I would have thought this was obvious, but
apparently it isn't...


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AA8QQJMauch@a... writes:

The PW0T op kept saying UP UP
or DOWN DOWN, then, ignoring the ops following his directions,

answered stations who called on his TX freq.
Yeah, I was surprised to hear him doing that way to
screw up
control over any pileup! Jay N3DQU.

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