Re: Pile up handling (Was: TI9M)

Richard B Drake

Yes I have run into that. Another bad one is when the DX station
is operating split but fails to acknowledge when the station he is
working is finished. This causes everyone who can't hear the
station he is working to call right over top and creates the same
kind of chaos you are talking about. When the DX operator is good
and black lists people who don't follow his instructions, the pile
ups are much more orderly and they work many more stations in a
shorter time.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 1:07 AM
Subject: Pile up handling (Was: [070] TI9M)

On the subject of pile-up handling by DX-stations, it
is true it takes a lot of experience and self discipline
to do it smoothly. I have only handled a few minor
pile-up with SP and DL on 6 m SSB, so I can undertand
how demanding the job of a real DX operator is.

The worst DX operator I have encountered was an EA who
activated a rare IOTA close to my location on 21 MHz SSB.
He was listening on his own frequency and, while propagation
was good for me and signals booming at S9, I was unable
to have a QSO after 2 hours of well timed calls.

What was wrong with him? Instead of calling "QRZ? THIS
IS XYZ, IOTA XX-000" and listen, he would consistently call
one of the kilowatt stations who were breaking over the
last QSO. You can easily guess the chaos caused by this


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