Pile up handling (Was: TI9M)

Costas Krallis SV1XV <sv1xv@...>

On the subject of pile-up handling by DX-stations, it
is true it takes a lot of experience and self discipline
to do it smoothly. I have only handled a few minor
pile-up with SP and DL on 6 m SSB, so I can undertand
how demanding the job of a real DX operator is.

The worst DX operator I have encountered was an EA who
activated a rare IOTA close to my location on 21 MHz SSB.
He was listening on his own frequency and, while propagation
was good for me and signals booming at S9, I was unable
to have a QSO after 2 hours of well timed calls.

What was wrong with him? Instead of calling "QRZ? THIS
IS XYZ, IOTA XX-000" and listen, he would consistently call
one of the kilowatt stations who were breaking over the
last QSO. You can easily guess the chaos caused by this


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