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From all the correspondance and critique of DX operations, it appears to me, that
an Amateur Radio license Test, should include actual operating on the air. It is
all very well to criticise people from a distant place. We really can't imagine the
stress that is created trying to deal with a huge pile-up, with people still calling
when the operator actually calls a particular station. I really admire those operators!

We should be critical only of our own operation of our own stations. We are the ones
that create the problems! And all the comments of the 'supervisors' and 'cops' who
laud over the DX station's frequency, only cause irritation and consequent interferrence.
The DX-pedition is not the problem, the callers are! Just as a previous guy wrote,
unless there is discipline, there will be a shambles. Self discipline is required....

I live in a very remote country as far as distance from anywhere is, but I manage
OK to work the DX, albeit at the right time for propagation.... But in doing this
I spend 99.9% of the time listening, so that I can time my call to perfection....It
doesn't always work, but the proof is in my Log! 15000 DX qsos, 333 countries worked,
311 in CW, 162 in psk31, over 600 IOTA entities worked. I have worked right across
the Pacific Ocean to N6XQ on 6M....PSK! It was easy, only timing! Thanks Jack, for
listening at the right time!....
But I too, am appalled at the antics of so called 'Amateurs'. You must employ a
sense of humour in order to keep yourself sane... Good luck and good 'DX'!

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