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Lid List and was going to put it oout on here, but if I did, I'd
have to put
the PW0T op at the top of it!

Maybe they should call Bill and ask his advice.

73 de Jay - AA8QQ
Hear that, thats the best way to ruin your pile is to ignore your own
rules. Gads Im missing the two biggest countries on PSK cause I cant
find a stupid connector (New IC706MK2G and ACC is 13 pin vs 8 for my
old 735)

Start Old Crumudgeon mode

Back in my day, when I was in the USN, I had the opportunity to be
DX in several countries, most notable VQ9RS (Sep-Dec 1980). When I
got on I would try to hold a qso with somebody before working the
masses. I would always have someone break in with their call while in
QSO. I would ask why he broke in, and would invariably get the "Well
I need VQ9 your 59 thanks" to which I would reply that he just landed
on the VQ9 Never to QSL list (We had one on the wall). Couple of
those and wouldnt have break ins after that :).

Consiquently as I ran the pileups I would stop and point out MY
rules. I stated that I had 10,000 plus QSLs and didnt need any, so if
you wanted to work me you would follow my rules to the letter or
you would wind up on "the List" and explain what that list was. I
would then say I want your call in full twice. Then if I got a
partial I would answer back with XX or QX or what ever. If I heard
anything else I would ask say KF8AAA you arnt XX you just lost a card.

Couple those and that nonsense stopped in a heart beat and I could
then run 6 a min if I really spun up. About every 10 - 15 mins I
would give a synopsis of my rules. As far as the net cops, well I
would mention those and If they were persistant I would just say the
Net cops are causing me to QRT, BYE. And I would either shut it off or
move bands. Even they disappeared after a while, cause I ran a tight
ship. I thought it went well, and I got quite a rep on the air :). I
had a few guys write my QSL Manager and plead their case but Lyle
(Lyle Meek N6BLN) would write back that rules were rules and No card
ment that no card. Out of 25000+ qso's I think I had 50 no cards in
my log. Most guys followed pretty good.

So yes, Unrulely pilups are a pain and annoying. But for me, I lay
the blame flat square on the DX station. Its their pile up and if they
would lay out simple rules, stick to them and Make it known that a
Card Deny list is avail and used the crap would stop ASAP.

Just my .02

Rick KF7QZ

PS, I wish I could go on one these things to see if I could still do
it :) :)

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