Re: TI9M

Steve W3HF

FWIW, it was Alan (I forget his call) that was operating PSK last night, not
Bill. It "only" took me three hours and forty minutes to break through the
pile, but then again I was QRP. :-) (I did have the big antenna here,

When I said "tnx Bill" he replied that it was "Alan, the other digimode op",
but he'd pass along my gratitude to Bill.

He also did a pretty good job of occasionally reminding everyone that he was
listening up, what that meant, and not replying to anyone who called on his
transmit freq.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 11:53 PM
Subject: [070] TI9M

de Jungle Telegraph
I haved logged TI9M on PSK31....I NEED to SHOUT that one!
What a struggle...5 hours on the keyboard, and watching all the
'attempts'... through
QRM/QSB/QRN, pactor Amtor, CW even SSB...people calling me? People calling
on TI9M's 0500Z I was prepared to delete the mode out of my
away for an hour...came back, TI9M still there fighting away...Bingo 3
calls, 3 repeats
of reports 3 times....Gosh Thanks Bill! You need a medal!
I vote Bill AK0A PSKer of the decade!
I now know why PW0T gave up.....don't blame them at all!
73s to all.... HE IS WORKING SPLIT, so watch what is happening before you
PTT, good
luck! You'll need it or a BIG amplifier and a 20 element yagi!

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