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Hi Chris...
I finally captured TI9M at 0548 UTC on 2/28/02.  He was on 20 meters and a very smooth operator.  I was beginning to think I'd never get him, but when I checked the band last night before hitting the sack, I saw he was on and decided to stay up until I snagged him.  It took me a half hour, but it finally happened. 
What I found strange is the fact that after he would acknowledge a contact & give a report, he would say "QRZ de TI9M listening UP UP Pse K" and there were still stations trying to call him on his transmitting frequency.  Makes you wonder. 
Anyway, glad you snagged the Island. 

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Just worked TI9M on 20M. He is listening up about 1 Khz. Lots of JA and US stations now.
Chris KC8LJN

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