Re: TI9M (Was: PW0T PSK)



I saw TI9M this evening too, but could not work him on 14
Mhz. Way too much competition!

At my location, the 14 Mhz passband looked quiet when I
first opened my waterfall. I was making some notations,
and when I looked up, the waterfall was filled, wall to
wall with traces. The next time I looked, there were only
a couple.

For a minute I thought there was a loose connection
somewhere in my antenna or audio feed! Then, after
copying some of the traces, I realized that nearly
everyone on 14.070 was trying to work TI9M, and was
responding to TI9M's advisory that he was working split,
and "listening UP UP pse K". The waterfall would fill
with traces in unison as soon as he stopped transmitting
and began selecting his next station. Duncan's comments
about the importance of listening (or watching) and
figuring out what's going on became apparent....... It
was a thing of beauty!

Will try again later.

de Bill

Today TI9M (NA-012) tried 14070.5 with split operation. Very
good operator. When facing problems with simples operation, he
clearly stated that he listens 1 kHz up. Quite easy to raise
them and have a QSO.

Thanks guys (AD6E, AK0A, F5CWU, IK3RIY, IZ7ATN, KA0KKO,

73 Costas SV1XV

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