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The problem with the split operation is that some hams simply don't listen
or read what the dx-station is telling.
Some of the dx op's make things worse.. just saw on 20 meters TI9M asking
for calls up up... but taking also on calls on his own frequency.
Erika, an additional issue is to define reasonable shifts for "UP"
(split frequency) for PSK-31. For CW it is 2-4 kHz, for SSB 5-10 kHz.
These are based on IF filter bandwidths. Given the way PSK-31 software
works, I think UP should be something like 0.5 - 1.5 kHz. Any other

BTW I feel very unhappy about my performance in the pile-ups
for the current DX-peditions (TI9M and PW0T). I consider giving
up SSB DX altogether and concentrating to RTTY and PSK-31. Ham
radio is supposed to be fun, not a nerve breaking ordeal.

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