PSK Split


I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in having worked KG4DX
and KG4PK on 10, 15 and 20 in 3 hours.

Running "split" with Hamscope and the spectrum
display is a piece of cake. I normally run dual
receive and watch QSO's so I know when to jump in. In
fact the biggest (and it isn't very big) problem with
Hamscope is to watch which window is active (i.e.
which you will transmit in). More than once I'll
start a macro in the wrong window.

OBTW 070 contests are the best way to sharpen these
skills. I just had to say it.

How can we get VU's on PSK on 20m. It's 01:30z and I
just heard VU2WAP on SSB with my attic dipole (first
VU at this location). Would sure like to work one on
PSK. Pardon the wishful musings.

73 Dave WB5NHL

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