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It is very disappointing to read on the Trindade website that they only made 57 psk
QSOs. They will probably not use this mode again, because the 'operators' will not
obey the Trindade and work the split frequency.
People were inanely calling on top of the PW0T trace, so nobody knew who he called
further up the frequency. The QSO 'rate' was so poor, because of this, that many
will now miss out.
I have found too that when I called KG4 today in 15M psk, several stations called
ME! Dammit! Please PSKers learn to operate correctly Please! Pretty please!
The secret to 'DXing' is to listen (watch your screen), and listen, (watch your screen)
and keep doing that until you KNOW what is going on! Then pick a clear frequency
and use Your call sign, not the DX callsign.... They actually know their own callsign....When
you call use your own call no more than 3 times and then put KN KN...This means you
are inviting only the DX station to call you, if he sees your trace in the clear.
PW0T only requires an RST from you, and your correct callsign...and that is ALL!
They do NOT need to know that you have a 16 bit sound card, or your name/QTH!

Set two macros with your call on one, and a reply, "QSL ur also 599 Tnx 73s de <callsign>
K " on the second one...

If you haven't got a PSK program with dual channels, then set your 2nd VFO in the
listening frequency, that is where the others are all calling, switch to split VFO
and TX above the object station, or below as the case may be...You will know that
when you watch the DX station's instructions!

de ZL3JT (Pacific Pilot- Oceania for PW0T)

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