070 Club forum at Dayton


Well, it's official! The 070 Club will be hosting a forum this year at
Dayton. We have a spot reserved for Sunday, 11:00 to noon in Room 2. Stop by
to sign the logbook, have an eyeball, maybe get an Attaboy too! I will be
there for sure and Erika DL2AYL sez her bags are packed and waiting by the
door! Would you believe that in 25 years of hammin', I have yet to make it to
Dayton, so believe me when I tell you I am really looking forward to May and
hopefully meeting some of you guys and gals in person! For more info on the
Hamvention, check out their website at < http://www.hamvention.org/ > ...73
de Jay N3DQU.

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