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When do you think Bill Moore is going to make an official
announcement, Ernest? I haven't seen anything from the League as yet.

1. I was only the messenger--please don't shoot at messengers; I did
not purport to be the source nor recipient of the original
communication. I cited the source from which I received the news...I
was brief, as there was no reason for me to regurgitate that which was
already posted elsewhere & cited within my email. Granted, I was a
little excited about the news, but that happens from time to time. No
offense taken or intended...

2. Holy gee whiz, this issue is getting nasty...I sure would like to
see some resolution to this.

3. My personal commentary (just my opinions, that's all): I realize
that it likely does come down to the almighty dollar when we get to
it, but what really is the difference from me asking my HP LaserJet 6L
printer to print a QSL on my printer & then my sending it to you via
mail vs. you sending a card to me via eQSL and my asking eQSL to print
and mail it to ME? The stance that ARRL (through the DXCC
coordinator) is taking seems unreasonable and inconsistent (to me).

4. I've got an email from Mr. Moore dated Jan it is in its
entirety--with my email address edited out to prevent spam. (If you've
got a problem with this, email me & I'll forward you the email with
all headers can look me up via the normal qrz
methods.) The messages are in reverse chronological order. The
following string is precisely why I was so suprised to see the email
on the eQSL site.

73 & good will to all of you,

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Subject: RE: question regarding DXCC rule #2
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:52:49 -0500
From: "Moore, Bill, NC1L" <......>
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Hi Ernest:

Presently, e-QSLs cannot be accepted.

However, If you receive an E-QSL, then send it to the station you
worked and
they make reference on the card to confirm the QSO, then it could be
accepted. Other than that we could not accept it.

Please see this link as it should show you what ARRL is doing on this:


Bill Moore NC1L

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From: Ernest Stracener []
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 9:34 AM
Subject: question regarding DXCC rule #2

A question regarding rule #2 for DXCC:
"2. Written proof (i.e., QSL cards) of two-way communication
(contacts) may
be submitted directly to ARRL Headquarters for all DXCC credits
claimed. "

This means a card submitted for DXCC credit has come through the mail
does it have to have handwriting on it to qualify? The reason I ask
is eQSL

has established a service to print on cardstock the received eQSLs
that its
members wish to pay to have printed and mailed to them. Is there
about these printed & mailed cards that would invalidate them for DXCC

Thank you es 73,
Ernest Stracener

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