Re: arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

Tom <tomias@...>

Opinion - The ARRL is not going to do anything that will jepordize their
control and or income .... using eqsl could/would do both .... see March
2002 QST, "It Seems To Us" where financial woes relating to QST are

The ARRL board of directors make the policy and decisions.... all others are
employees ... ask your respective division directors ... they can give a
clear answer to the questions raised .... but will they?

Tom, k3psk

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from the arrl web site:

NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 2, 2001--Fast on the heels of approval of the
"Logbook of the World" by the ARRL Board of Directors, ...

Should read
... Fast on the heels of eQSL, the ARRL Board of Directors,...

de AA8QQ

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