Re: arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

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Costas, write to Bill Moore at dxcc@..., and express your feelings to him directly.  I agree that clarification is needed.  A can of worms has been opened by Bill Moore and now he needs to clarify what he said and/or put it to rest. 

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> Unfortunately this thing is still spinning out of hand. Bill's email's appear to be inconsistent, when I
> don't believe he intends them to be that way. At this point, I believe two things need to happen:
> 1. There needs to be some sort of formal announcement from the ARRL regarding this.
> 2. The ARRL needs to agree that the steps laid out on the eQSL site are correct, and that
>     cards created that way will be accepted.
> So far I think Bill has stated a process, and eQSL has interpreted it. (Correctly, in my opinion.)

Another issue here is: How do they (ARRL) know that a card is printed by eQSL.CC and
mailed instead of being printed locally by the recipient? I think that some type of signature
and/or rubber stamp endorsement at eQSL is essential.

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