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Dick Thompson <wb0dul@...>

I agree with what you say, 100%, Steve.  I was a little puzzled by Bill Moore's reply, and was wondering to myself whether his statement that the League's Position hasn't changed on DXCC or whether he's saying that the Leagues position hasn't changed as long as they have a printed QSL card.  He was not very clear, and I think I am going to write to him again and ask why he feels he was quoted out of context.  Maybe we should all write to him and ask what gives.  It would be interesting if the ARRL would put out a formal statement on how they stand.  In short I think they are concerned that their own Logbook of the World would be jeopardized.  I really doubt that is the case. 
It's getting very expensive to QSL these days.  That applies from our end and the DX stations end.  I have never been able to understand how a QSL sent electronically could be construed as unacceptable.  What does a "printed" QSL have that makes it superior? 
Maybe I'm missing something here, maybe not. 
Thanks for responding, Steve.  I appreciate your comments. 

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Dick -
I guess I'm not sure what Bill means by "quoted out of context." Both the email posting on the TARA group and the page on the eQSL web site APPEAR to be complete copies of Bill's email. Ernest's announcement is admittedly abbreviated, but I believe it has the same information regarding the card itself. (It must be a printed card, created by eQSL, not the recipient, and sent to the recipient as a printed card, such as by mail.)
The only thing missing is the statement regarding "checking the log to verify the contact." Here's where maybe it gets a little sticky. I believe Bill's intent here is that the "QSL Manager" (in this case eQSL) compares the QSO information submitted by me to the logs of the DX station, and only creates a QSL when that information matches. That is the typical routine for a manager. But there are some cases where QSL managers simply QSL all contacts whether requested or not. In this case, there is no "log comparison," as the manager simply QSLs based on his own information. The latter is what eQSL does. If a DX station sends me an eQSL, I can print and receive that card without formally confirming it. And there is no indication of that on the eQSL card.
The spin that the eQSL folks are putting on it, based on Bill's email, is that in order for the card to be valid for DXCC, **I** must compare the card to **my** log and verify the contact. Typically I will then send a confirming reply via the eQSL system. And once I make this comparison, and then have eQSL print and mail a card, the card will be valid for DXCC.
Each person should read Bill's email in its entirety, and compare it to the process described by eQSL, and form their own opinion on whether Bill is being misinterpreted.
Unfortunately this thing is still spinning out of hand. Bill's email's appear to be inconsistent, when I don't believe he intends them to be that way. At this point, I believe two things need to happen:
1. There needs to be some sort of formal announcement from the ARRL regarding this.
2. The ARRL needs to agree that the steps laid out on the eQSL site are correct, and that cards created that way will be accepted.
So far I think Bill has stated a process, and eQSL has interpreted it. (Correctly, in my opinion.) But Bill is not the final authority on DXCC, and until they speak formally, this issue is not settled. I hope they are working on this.
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Ernest, I dropped an e-mail to Bill Moore to ask for a carification on the DXCC acceptance of eQSL cards. 
Here is his response to me.  I wish it was more positive.  
Response from Bill Moore at ARRL: 
Hi Dick:
I was quoted out of context. If you read my message closely you'll see.
However, DXCC has not changed its position with regards to e-QSLs.
Bill Moore NC1L

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Hi Bill,
I received the following e-mail from the 070 site on Yahoo Groups.  Is there any truth to it?  I haven't seen anything on
Until I do, I'm not buying the announcement.  Many are waiting for word that it is true.  It would make sense if it was.  If it is, then an announcement would be nice.  The alleged e-mail from you is posted on the eQSL site (see link in message below). 
Hope to hear back from you. 
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Subject: [070] arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

Hello all.  ARRL is accepting eQSLs that are printed and mailed via
the eQSL mailing service for DXCC credit...this is big news.  The eQSL
cost is still a buck a card--less than direct DX postage in most cases
(I think) & a lot faster.  Currently eQSL can only mail out to US
addresses, but I expect that we might(???) see eQSL mailing points
cropping up in DX locations to provide the same service there w/o DX
postage costs.  That would be pretty cool...

News at:  (login and read the news...February 8, 2002 email
from Bill Moore, NC1L, is there in its entirety)

Thanks to Bob, VX4XA (VE4XA) for letting me know!


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