Re: arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

Costas Krallis SV1XV <sv1xv@...>

At 20:29 12/2/2002 -0500, you wrote:

Unfortunately this thing is still spinning out of hand. Bill's email's appear to be inconsistent, when I
don't believe he intends them to be that way. At this point, I believe two things need to happen:

1. There needs to be some sort of formal announcement from the ARRL regarding this.
2. The ARRL needs to agree that the steps laid out on the eQSL site are correct, and that
cards created that way will be accepted.

So far I think Bill has stated a process, and eQSL has interpreted it. (Correctly, in my opinion.)

Another issue here is: How do they (ARRL) know that a card is printed by eQSL.CC and
mailed instead of being printed locally by the recipient? I think that some type of signature
and/or rubber stamp endorsement at eQSL is essential.

73 Costas SV1XV

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